123.jpgPause.itive® is an entertaining and affordable educational seminar that tackles life after your 40s, during peri-menopause and 50s, the onset of menopause. This is a topic that, while highly relevant and touching the lives of every middle-aged woman, is often discussed in hushed tones and with limited information.


2014 Speaker Presentations:





Led and Moderated by Award-Winning Journalist
A seasoned international journalist with more than 25 years experience in the field. Author, five-time Emmy Award winner, and CNN en Español Television host, Mercedes Soler, will moderate all sessions, encouraging guests and speakers to engage in honest, informative exchange and dialogues.

Engaging Sessions Delivered by Professionals
Led by knowledgeable physicians and experts, Pause.itive® is sure to clarify myths, confirm facts and change perceptions. This seminar is designed to begin a dynamic dialogue among women who are experiencing physical and/or emotional changes as they enter life after 35. Education through open and honest discussions, and interaction among women who share the same issues, offer support through a solid platform of collaborative input and expert insight.

State-of-the-Art Venue
The venue for the 2015 Pause.itive Seminar is to be announced. Please keep visiting this website for more information on the 2015 Venue and Program. Make sure to LIKE our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed (@pauseitive1) for daily updates.

All-Inclusive Affordable Seminar
Affordably priced at just $35, Pause.itive® includes all sessions, welcoming morning coffee, light lunch, and a stimulating mid-afternoon break with refreshing beverages. The seminar will conclude with a complimentary Yoga class.

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Hormone balance, imbalance & therapies



Hot flashes, sleepless nights 

& weight gain



Sex & intimate relations



Mindset & attitude



Diagnoses & treatment:


Cervical &

Breast Cancer 




Fitness & Beauty